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How We Got Started and Customer Comments

I was a rare coin collector and dealer in the early 1990's and would attend Rare Coin Conventions around the country. At one convention there was also a stamp collectors show in the auditorium next door: out of curiosity I went to see what stamp collecting was all about. At one booth there were several famous autographs for sale, one of which was a Robert E. Lee signature. Having been a long time history buff I was immediately attracted to the idea of owning something handwritten by a legend of the American Civil War. Of course, my first question was about authenticity. The dealer offered me a guarantee of authenticity, that satisfied my concern, and I purchased my first autograph.

I then decided to prove to myself that the signature was genuine and went to my local library and checked out all the books on autograph collecting, went home, and eventually read all of them. I then started contacting autograph dealers all over the country and began to learn more and more about autograph collecting. In the next year I acquired many more autograph reference books and became more confident in my own abilities to decide if something was real or not. I bought more letters, signed photos, and signatures of various historic personalities that were of interest to me. I displayed them like art on the walls of my rare coin gallery and would engage in conversations about them with my coin clients. Many found them to be as fascinating as they were to me. 

One of the items I had on display was a Hoagy Carmichael signed music quote from Stardust, his most famous song.  During one of my transactions with a rare coin client he mentioned that it was his wedding anniversary and that he had vivid memories of dancing, to the music of Stardust, with his wife on their wedding day. I immediately pointed across the room to the hanging display and said there is your perfect anniversary gift for your wife. He immediately wanted to buy it, and with some reluctance, on my part we agreed on a price. On that day in 1991I sold my first autograph. Since then I've built a huge reference library and have had the good fortune to handle some of the most interesting and rare autograph items available anywhere in the world. I have helped build many wonderful individual collections and found the perfect autograph for gifting at many special occasions

I have clients from every walk of life and every collecting interest: individuals as well as public and private institutions, including the United States Library of Congress.  History Makers Autographs is now one of the nation's leading dealers of premium quality autographs, maintaining the most diverse selection of original historic letters and antique documents, representing all fields of human endeavor. Please give us the opportunity to add your name to our client list too. We carry thousands of items in our inventory, many still not added to this web site. So if you don't see the item you desire please contact us so that we can check our complete inventory. At History Makers Autographs every autograph we sell is unconditionally guaranteed authentic without time limit to the original purchaser. 
Steve H. Nowlin
History Makers Autographs

"I did receive the document and LOVE it! It...will be added to our family collection. Thank you so much!!!! S. H. Piedmont, CA

"I just received the Nigel Bruce signature and am very happy with it...What I wanted is what you had...if I need more autographs, I will look at your website. D. H. University Place, WA

"...loved the 'Thin Man' pics. She had tears in her eyes. Enclose is a check for the MacArthur purchase."  J. W. Chicago

"...an absolutely beautiful item for my collection. As it is my 3rd signed item from your company I wish to thank you for such unequalled quality products and giving your customers total piece of mind with any purchase. As a serious collector, I buy with total confidence with you, and with so many counterfiet items on the market you can surely count on my continued patronage."  E. E. New York

"UPS just delivered the envelope to me and I am delighted with the Prince Charles letter. Thank you...."  Simon, Canada

"My girlfriend and I think that your website is absolutely extraordinary...."  Danny & Mandy, Ft. Wayne, IN

"My Henry Knox arrived in good condition - and I am very pleased with it. Thank you for your kind and prompt attention."  R. W. H., Stormville, NY

"I did receive the document and LOVE it! It is for my own collection...Thank you so much!!!!" Piedmont CA

"I just received the Nigel Bruce signature and am very happy with it. Now that I have found you, if I need more autographs, I will look at your website."  University Place, WA

"It's very nice doing business with professional people...again thanks." I. E. San Diego, CA

"The [White House] Easter Eggs are great! As I mentioned I'm going to give them as presents...." R. H. W., Boulder, CO

"Have been meaning to let you know that the Queen & Doors guitars I purchased from you were received in excellent condition and I'm very happy with them...." D. W., Oakbrook Terrace, IL

"Thanks for your incredibly fast response...You have a very efficient system, to say the least." W. M. Bay Village, OH

"What a beautiful thing the Truman-Dewey item is. The framing is gorgeous." H. H., Boca Raton, FL

"...I love the John Hancock. T. S., Wabash, IN

"Great looking website...just looking at the rare artifacts and opening the 'details' of certain pieces is like strolling through a museum without putting clothes on and leaving the comforts of your home...." T. H., Nokomis, FL

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