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War of 1812 negotiations between Great Britian and the United States, on long front page article

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An Incredibly Detailed Coverage of the Early Days of the War of 1812...Almost three full pages

The Reporter, 4pp, 12.5 x 19.5, Lexington, KY, December 12, 1812, excellent content, general age toning, some separation at the fold, a few creases and stains and five small holes on front page, otherwise in fine condition

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+ War of 1812 negotiations between Great Britain and the United States, on long front page article: Robert Stewart, Viscount Castlereagh, British Foreign Secretary from 1812 meets with Jonathan Russell, American diplomat and charge d'affaires to London -- "...the second proposition which he made to England for a suspension of hostilities...It extinguishes all hope of peace until Britain shall be humbled...the British government feel confident they have a party in this country devoted to their interests and views...impossible for Great Britain...in respect to the impressment of seamen from American vessels...men who have fought for us in the revolutionary war...Lord Castlereagh...thought we were so extremely 'anxious to get rid of the war'...His lordship will not long remain ignorant about the power and disposition of this country to punish the taunts and scoffs of his government...Monroe and Pinckney and Lord Aukland and Holland...In the meantime the war would be prosecuted and might produce new obstacles...In the U.S. this practice of impressment was considered as bearing a strong resemblance to the slave trade...while the American...is torn...from all the blessings of freedom...at times to hazard his life in despoiling or destroying his kindred and countrymen...It was a matter of astonishment that while G. Britain discovered such zeal for the abolition of the traffic ...natives of Africa, as to endeavor to force it on her reluctant allies...the British government to reject, at this time, every overture for the discontinuance of the degrading practice...the orders in council [blockading American ports and trade]...the revival of those edicts...General Dearborn and Gen. Bloomfield...with a strong force...66 miles from Montreal...The War of 1812 continues on all of page two and most of page three with incredible content about battles from General Alex Smyth of New York "In a few days the troops under my command will plant the American standard in Canada...They will conquer or they will die"..."on the 8th, in the night, the attack was made on the [HMS] Caledonia [after capture renamed the USS Caledonia]"...General Stephen Van Rensselaer reporting "on the morning of the 12th, having now determined to attack Queenston [Battle of Queenston Heights, the first major battle in the War of 1812 resulted in a British victory]...Commodore Isaac Chauncey, commander of the American naval forces on Lake Ontario pursues the Royal George [the largest British warship then on Lake Ontario]..."we gave chase and followed her into the harbour of Kingson, where we engaged her and the batteries...I had made up my mind to board her, but she was so well protected by the batteries"...1st and 5th Kentucky Governor Isaac Shelby reports "the American government, in case of invasion and insurrection, has reposed its confidence in the militia...we know not, how soon we may be assailed by both foreign and internal enemies...ought to awaken the rulers of the commonwealth to guard her rights, protect her interests, and be ready to meet any casualty...enable the militia to march with promptness to any point they may be ordered...Governor Harrison made a requisition of mounted volunteers from this state...situation of the frontiers, and the movements of the Indians...carry an expedition against the Indian villages on the Illinois river...by punishing those savages with impunity...detached other neighboring hordes from British influence during the war...the combination formed by the British savages against the U. States...If we are incensed against the allies of the British, MUCH GREATER OUGHT OUR DISPLEASURE TO BE AGAINST THAT NATION, THE PRINCIPAL IN THE WAR--A NATION...THE LEAST ENTITLED TO RESPECT FROM THE AMERICAN PEOPLE...NO MAN WHO STYLES HIMSELF AN AMERICAN...CAN SAY THE PRESENT WAR IS UNJUST, UNPROVOKED, AND UNNECESSARY...United, we need not fear any enemy; divide us, miseries incalculable await our downfall"...General Samuel Hopkins report: "...the army marched from Fort Harrison, on the road formerly made by Gov. Harrison's army...reach the Prophet's town...found it evacuated...fell into an ambush, and eighteen of our party killed"...Captain Jacob Jones report on the naval action fought in the Atlantic on 18 October 1812, during which the sloop-of-war USS Wasp captured the HMS Frolic, but soon after both vessels were captured by a British ship.

+ Multiple "Negroes wanted" ads for hire and purchase and ads offering the sale or "hired out" Negroes

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