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PHILIP T. VAN ZILE, THE FORMER U. S. DISTRICT ATTORNEY FOR THE UTAH TERRITORY WHO HAD BEEN APPOINTED BY PRESIDENT RUTHERFORD B. HAYES TO ENFORCE THE POLAND ACT AGAINST MORMON POLYGAMIST, HANDWRITES AND SIGNS, ON PAGE 4 OF A DOCUMENT, A LONG ENDORSEMENT, FOR HIS FORMER ASSISTANT, REGARDING THE POSITION OF CHIEF JUSTICE OF THE UTAH SUPREME COURT. IN ADDITION TEN U.S. SENATORS AND REPRESENTATIVES FROM WISCONSIN, INCLUDING A FUTURE STATESMAN WHO SERVED UNDER THREE PRESIDENTS, TWO LEGAL SCHOLARS/LAW PROFESSORS WHO AUTHORED LEGAL TEXTS, TWO MAYORS OF WISCONSIN CITIES, ALL SIGN A LETTER TO PRESIDENT CHESTER A. ARTHUR, ON PAGES 1 - 3, CONCERNING THE APPOINTMENT OF THE CHIEF JUSTICE OF THE UTAH SUPREME COURT, 4 pgs., 8 x 12.5, March 25, 1884, In part: "To His Excellency, The President of the United States: We the undersigned Senators and Representative of the State of Wisconsin would respectfully recommend to your especial favor for appointment to the position of Chief Justice of the Territory of Utah Hon. Ezsa. T. Sprague formerly of our state...Was a Col. in the army during the late war and fought from the commencement to the end. After the war was Circuit Judge of the Green Bay Circuit...and is now Assistant U. S. Attorney for Utah...we earnestly recommend it." All ten signed, one signed twice, plus the signed endorsement by Philip T. Van Zile. In fine condition, with minor age toning and a couple of small stains.

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 PHILETUS SAWYER (1816-1900) "Philetus Sawyer", made a fortune in the lumber business, first with a saw mill and later with finished wooden furniture. He was Mayor of OshkoshWisconsin, before being elected to the US House of Representatives (1865-1875). He declined to run for re-election, but later represented Wisconsin in the US Senate (1881-1893)A member of the "Stalwart" faction of the Republican Party (opposed to civil service reform), he clashed with young "progressive Republican" Congressman Robert LaFollette, who accused Sawyer of offering him a bribe. Sawyer acknowledged offering money, but said it was for LaFollette's legal services.

Angus Cameron (1826-1897), "Angus Cameron", a Senator from Wisconsin.

Peter Victor Deuster (1831 – 1904), "P. V. Deuster", was an American printer, newspaper editor and publisher, and politician from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Deuster was narrowly elected to the U. S. House of Representatives in 1878 as a Democrat to the Forty-sixth Congress and re-elected twice. 

William Thompson Price (1824 – 1886), "Wm. T. Price", was an American politician who served as a U. S. Representative from Wisconsin and served from March 4, 1883, until his death in Black River Falls, Wisconsin on December 6, 1886.

Richard William Guenther (1845 – 1913), "Richard Guenther", was a Prussian-born 19th century Wisconsin politician and pharmacist. was elected a Republican to the United States House of Representatives in 1880, serving from 1881 to 1889. Guenther was appointed consul general in Mexico City, Mexico by President Benjamin Harrison in 1890, serving until 1893, in Frankfurt, Germany by President William McKinley in 1898, serving until 1910, and to Cape Town, South Africa by President William Howard Taft in 1910, serving until his death in Oshkosh, Wisconsin on April 5, 1913.

Burr W. Jones (1846-1935, "Burr W. Jones", was an American lawyer, politician, jurist, author of legal texts, and law professor. He was a Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives in the 48th Congress (1883-85), and a justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Jones returned to Madison and became a professor of law at the University of Wisconsin for the next thirty years of his life.

Daniel Hadley Sumner (1837 – 1903), "D. H. Sumner", was a lawyer and U. S. Representative from Wisconsin (1883-85). 

John Winans (1831-1907), "John Winans", was an American lawyer and politician in Janesville, Wisconsin. He served one term as an Independent Democrat in the United States House of Representatives from Wisconsin's 1st congressional district (1883-85). He was elected mayor of Janesville, WI in April 1885 for a two-year term.

Isaac Stephenson (1829-1918) Signed Twice, "Isaac Stephenson", was an American politician of the Republican Party who represented Wisconsin as both a United States Representative (1883-89) and a United States Senator (1907-15). He signed twice: on page 2 and on page 3.

Gilbert Motier Woodward (1835-1913), "G. M. Woodward", was a lawyer, Mayor of La Crosse, WI (1874-75), and U.S. Representative from Wisconsin (1883-85),  

Philip Taylor Van Zile (1843 - 1917), "Philip T. Van Zile",  was a politician, judge from the U. S. state of Michigan, U. S. District Attorney for the Utah Territory, law school dean, and author of law texts. In 1878 on the recommendation of several U. S. Senators Van Zile accepted an appointment to the office of U. S. District Attorney for the Utah Territory from President Rutherford B. Hayes, as authorized by the Poland Act (By removing Latter-day Saints from positions of authority in the Utah justice system, the Act was intended to allow for successful prosecutions of Mormon polygamists). He served in that position for six years and then returned from Utah to Michigan. In the presidential campaign of James G. Blaine, Van Zile was chosen by the convention, in his absence, to be chairman of the Michigan Republican Party. He served as chairman for two years. Van Zile moved to Detroit in 1899 and the following year became a lecturer in the Detroit College of Law, and shortly after was elected dean of the college. In 1894 Alfred University conferred upon him the degree of Doctor of Philosophy and in 1904 that of Doctor of Laws. His publications include "Van Zile’s Bailments and Carriers," and "Van Zile’s Equity Pleading and Practice."

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