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NAPOLEON VINTAGE FRENCH IMPRINT, 4pp on two leaves, 7.5 x 9.5, Paris, Oct 14, 1806, in French, "Official Details of the Extraordinary Session that took place yesterday in the Senate, called into Session by order of His Majesty." A letter from Napoleon to the Senators appears on pages three and four wherein he announces that the Prussian Armies had invaded Saxony and that the French Army had crossed the Rhine and marched against the Prussian Armies in order to push their forces back by force. This historic bulletin has minor foxing, the left edges of both leaves are affixed to heavy archival strip, bottom edges uneven, otherwise in fine condition.

The Campaign of Jena 1806: Napoleon's Decisive Defeat of the Prussian Army

A pivotal battle of the Napoleonic epoch History records that Napoleon comprehensively defeated the Prussian Army of Frederick William III at the engagement of Saalfeld and the major conflicts of Jena and Auerstedt on the plateau immediately west of the River Saal in modern day Germany in October 1806. French casualties were relatively light-those of the Prussians huge by comparison. The outcome was decisive and led to the occupation and subjugation of Prussia by the French that endured for six years. Napoleon's genius for war was once again ably demonstrated at the expense of Brunswick, Hohenlohe and Ruchel. The victory became a jewel of renown in the imperial crown and the bridge erected across the River Seine and named in honour of the French victory remains to this day an indelible statement of the monumental importance of these engagements to the political stage in Europe during the early years of the nineteenth century. Jena was more than a defeat for the Prussians. It focused minds of the Prussian military on the shortcomings of the feudal system of politics and war that prevailed within their nation. The French had bloodily demonstrated that they would manage armies in an entirely different and more flexible manner and unless radical reform was to be instituted to the Prussian way of making war the future would be bleak. Scharnhorst, Gneisenau and Clauswitz all served in the battle and learnt its lessons of blood and fire well. 

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