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Isabel Martínez de Perón or Isabel Perón Typed Letter Signed, "Isabelde Peron", 8.5 x 11, on her personal letterhead, in Spanish with translation, Madrid, 11 February 1961, to Senor Americo Barrios in Uruguay, In full: "Dear Americo: I am infinitely grateful for your solidarity, thank God the General is in full recovery. Regarding the content of your letter, when the General resumes his usual duties, he will reply to you in this regard. Receive the affection and gratitude of....",  by the Argentine politician who served as President of Argentina from 1974 to 1976. She was the third wife of President Juan PerónShe met her future husband during his exile in Panama. Juan Peron, who was 35 years her senior, was attracted by her beauty and believed she could provide him with the female companionship he had been lacking since the death of his second wife Eva Peron (Evita) in 1952. Perón brought Isabel with him when he moved to Madrid, Spain, in 1960. Authorities in the strongly conservative Roman Catholic nation did not approve of Perón's cohabitation with a young woman to whom he was not married, so on 15 November 1961 the former president reluctantly married for a third time. At the time of this letter Juan Perón was hospitalized for a prostate surgery, but had still resumed an active role in Argentine politics from exile, Isabel acted as a go-between from Spain to Argentina. Having been deposed in a coup in 1955, Perón was forbidden from returning to Argentina, so his new wife was appointed to travel in his stead. Juan Perón suffered a series of heart attacks on 28 June 1974; Isabel was summoned home from a European trade mission and secretly sworn in as acting president the next day. Juan Perón died on 1 July 1974, less than a year after his third election to office. As vice-president his widow formally ascended to the presidency, thus becoming the first woman in the world to hold the title of "President", although she was not the first woman to lead a country. This interesting letter regarding Juan Peron is in fine condition, with a minor stray pen line on right margin and usual letter folds.

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