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MacArthur: "The task of Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers occupying Japan"

GENERAL GEORGE C. KENNEY SIGNED TYPESCRIPT OF CHAPTER 10 OF HIS BOOK, THE MACARTHUR I KNOW, "George C. Kenney," 10-pages, 7.75 x 11, historic content, in part: "...When MacArthur said he would return they believed it...MacArthur kept in touch with the guerrilla leaders all during the war and sent them supplies, instructions, and cheer at every opportunity...His campaigns in New Guinea, the lightning seizure of the Admiralities, and the re-conquest of the Philippines...demonstrated, as few commanders in history have done, what can be accomplished with small forces...The task of Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers occupying Japan...MacArthur landed at Atsugi airdrome on August 30, 1945, in a devastated, burned-out, dead Japan...The Japanese...must be taught to forget their dreams of empire and become a self-supporting peaceful member of the community of nations...Hundreds of persons charged with being war criminals were taken into custody and tried...created no widespread resentment on the part of the people. It was almost universally acknowledged that the trials were fair, that justice had been done and the sentences deserved...the infamous 'thought control police,' the Japanese equivalent of the Gestapo, was abolished along with all the military secret societies...the Japanese press was emancipated from the strict censorship it had suffered...the Emperor was persuaded to announce on New Year's Day 1946 that he no longer considered himself divine and that the Japanese should not consider themselves a superior race with a mission to dominate the world...women for the first time were allowed to vote...The Japanese accepted the occupation as MacArthur's occupation...and they like him." In fine condition.

The signed 10-page typescript of Chapter 10 was titled "The Occupation" and was given to the late aviation historian/collector Harry Block by General Kenny. This is probably the retained copy of the draft presented to his publisher, Duell, Sloan and Pearce of New York. A wonderful record of MacArthur's activities as The Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers occupying Japan written by a general who knew him well. 

GEORGE C. KENNEY was a fighter pilot during WWI who flew over 70 combat missions and is credited with two aerial victories, winning both the Silver Star and the Distinguished Service Cross. Between the wars he was responsible for the development of a technique for mounting .30 caliber machine guns on the wings of a DH.4. He later taught classes of attack aviation at the Air Corps Tactical School.  He rose to the rank of a United States Army Air Forces General during WWII. He is best known as the commander of the Allied Air Forces and Fifth Air Force in General Douglas MacArthur's Southwest Pacific Area (SWPA), a position he held from August 1942-45. He was known for his command structure, use of new weapons, and attack aviation tactics. His greatest victory was at the Battle of the Bismarck Sea, in March 1943. Following which he was appointed commander of the Far East Air Forces (FEAF), which came to include the Fifth, Thirteenth, and Seventh Air Forces. The ultimate challenge was to integrate air power with MacArthur's strategy. After the war he became the first commander of the newly formed Strategic Air Command (SAC). He was replaced in that position by General Curtis LeMay and  served as commander of the Air University for the last three years of active service.

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