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The truth is the struggle to keep Andover afloat is thankless and chilling labour.

AUSTIN PHELPS (1820-90) HANDWRITTEN LETTER SIGNED, "Yours truly, Austin Phelps", 5 x 8, 4 pages, April 15, 1877, to Rev. Joshua Wellman, D.D., Andover, Mass.[on the Board of Trustees of Andover Theological Seminary & pastor of Eliot church in Newton, Mass], by the American Congregational minister and educator, President of Andover Theological Seminary for 10 years (1869-79) whose writings became standard textbooks for Christian theological education and remain in print today. He is the author of Theory of Preaching (1881), The Still Hour, English Style in Public Discourse (1883). Andover Theological Seminary created the educational model used by almost all Protestant seminaries today and pioneered many training programs for prospective clergy, including field education. Its alumni and alumnae included important abolitionists educators, clergy, and theologians; In this letter Phelps is President of Andover and is appealing for help from a Trustee: in part:  "...I need advice about it from some one who can judge of it from inside of the circle of the Trustees. I am not aware that I have ever addressed them disrespectfully, or petulantly...for some reason I have not the ear of the Board...If we must carry the Biblical Department as we have done for twenty years with no attractive helping force in it, it becomes almost a matter of life & death to us to have the other departments...I want to be rid of the "Parallel Course"...I had just delivered the first four of a new Course of Lectures on 'Homiletic Theology', designed to develop the best which the Pulpit applies to Theology & the best methods of preaching the doctrines...the temptation is well nigh irresistible to do as little as possible & let things drift. I did not know Prof Parks' [Rev. Edwards Amassa Park, Abbott Professor of Christian Theology, Andover Theological Seminary] feeling till recent events...He is so oppressed by the burden of the present slate of things, that he is deliberating upon the plan of suspending his own lectures to the Junior Class and giving then recitations in Dwight Theology [Timothy Dwight (1752-1817) was an American academic and educator, a Congregationalist minister, theologian, and author who helped to create a national evangelical movement—the second "Great Awakening" —intended to "re-church" America]...The truth is the struggle to keep Andover afloat is thankless and chilling labor. I do not understand the policy of the Board which contents them to let things drift so...the present burdens are too heavy: they neutralize inducement to do our best...Prof Park may speak for himself but for me I feel that strong,..work is impossible without freedom from the complications of the Parallel Course...." Comes with the original envelope. In fine condition, with the usual mailing folds and minor age toning.

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